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indy base filesystem


Problem description:
On ftp.rfc822.org, in
there is a base with glibc2.0.6 which does work on the indy. Most of the
packages there require 2.1.95 though, and on ftp.debian.org also.

When trying to install 2.1.95 it fails because I lack libnss-db.

So for now my only option is creating a total cross development environment
on another machine, which is rather strange because why are there then
that much debian packages available when I can't get them working ?

Does anybody knows a way to build a base.tar.gz from a couple of .deb packages?
(couldn't find any documentation about that on the debian website).
Does anybody knows a way to install the 2.1.95 and all those newer packages ?
Is there a problem with building libnss-db ?
I would like to have a build environment running on my indy, is the jump
bug with gas I heard about still an open issue ?
Does anyone has already X running with debian on an indy ? :)

Thank you very much for your time,
Ulrik De Bie

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