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RE: Indy Drives


Both of those drive models you mention below will work; I know because 
I've used both of those drive models with my Indy. :-)

Basically, any single-ended SCSI-2 drive will work; the real questions 

1.  What will fit in my Indy's internal hard-drive bays?

2.  What entries do I have to put in my /etc/disktab (if necessary, 
depending on flavor of Un*x) to get it to work?

For both of these answers, see the IndyTech page at 

Hope this helps!
-Sean Leinen

On Tuesday, December 05, 2000 2:00 AM, Steve Hitchner 
[SMTP:hitchner@enel.ucalgary.ca] wrote:
> Forgive my hardware ignorance but I'm a bit confused about what 
> can
> work with an indy (both inside or in an external case).  I have two
> Seagate
> drives (ST19171N and ST31230N) will either one work??  They are both
> SCSI-2 drives I believe. I looked on seagate's web site but just got
> confused.
> if anyone can help I would be very greatful.
> thanks for your time
> --
> steve

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