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Package pools, testing, 2.2r2

Hello world,

debian-cd folk: 2.2r1 is final, even if that'll make some of the powerpc
and security folk (justifiably) unhappy. If you'd like to update the
potato CD images, that'd probably be a good thing.

All who're interested: katie (ie, the new dinstall, ie package pools)
will be rolled out when James has enough time to cope with any unforseen
problems. Hopefully in the next week or two. "testing" will be rolled out
shortly afterwards, in all probability.

debian-cd folk: when katie is rolled out, the debian-cd scripts will
probably break [0], it'd be very helpful if this can be fixed ASAP,
otherwise we won't be able to provide official CDs for 2.2r2...

Porters, X folks, etc: 2.2r2 is likely to come out relatively
quickly. Please consider this as your notification, and upload any ports
or security fixes or new versions that should make it into r2 sooner
rather than later.

For those who're interested: we'll see about handling 2.2r2 in a more
transparent manner. I'll try to keep auric:~ajt/which-updates as an up
to date list of which will get accepted and why others will get rejected,
and have it posted automatically to -release once a week. Comments etc
should go to -release.


[0] Since the Packages files will start referencing packages and
    sources in the pool, rather than under dists/potato/... This is
    actually unavoidable, but we'll try to make sure there are at
    least symlinks from dists/potato to the pool for anything missing,
    FWIW. The Packages/Sources files may or may not end up pointing at
    the symlinks rather than the pool. This will probably first happen
    sometime after the changeover, but will definitely happen during

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                 We believe in: rough consensus and working code.''
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