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Re: Debian mips64?

On Wed, Nov 01, 2000 at 12:49:49PM +0100, Michl Ladislav wrote:
> hi all,
> after some problems (kernel from rfc fails in swapper task, so i compiled 
> my own), i'm running linux on my indy. are you going to support 64bit

I dont think there will be a debian-mips64 or debian-mipsel64 within
2-3 years and probably never will.

The 64 Bit kernel running on the O200 currently only runs with 32Bit userspace
like sparc64 etc. AFAIK the toolchain isnt able to build 64 Bit userspace

Anyway - The Mips CPU development seems to be slowing down and so
there will probably not much large machines/apps which will really
need the 64Bit userspace.

> clean distribution? and if so, how can i help you?

Currently is another "toolchain squashing" season. I managed to
get a handful of glibc 2.2 based packages built and now i am stuck
in many areas - apt doesnt build c++ errors / linker errors.
util-linux fails with glibc header problems i am not able to fix myself
i guess (retrying with 2.1.96 today - glibc build takes some hours).

BTW: IIRC the indy doesnt support more ram than 1Gb so whats the point
in running a 64 userspace distribution ?

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