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Re: Indy, booting and EFS

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Florian Lohoff wrote:

> There is currently no way of booting linux directly - Feel free
> to write a sash replacement capable of reading an ext2 filesystem.
> It shouldnt be too hard as there is the sparc loader "SILO" which
> already reads ext2 filesystems (With libext2)

	Tempting, I may look into it, though I've got basically no
experiance doing such things.

> Currently everybody uses tftp to boot their machines ...

So I'm sniffing around and a friend tells me about 'dvhtool'.

On one of my machines I can do:
R5K 9# dvhtool -v list

Current contents:
        File name        Length     Block #
        sgilabel            512           2
        ide              340480           3
        sash             340480         668


And I get to wondering, if sash can sit there, and can be run by
the prom and it's in the volume header, what happens if you just
shove the linux kernel into the volume header and try and run it
from the prom?

Anyone have any experiance with this?  I'm considering trying it,
but it'll be something of a pain and if someone has already tried
it and it doesn't work I wouldn't want to waste the time...



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