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Re: Indy RAM


Everthing you need to know about the SGI Indy (including what kind of RAM
and where to buy it) can be found on Reputable Systems' site:


Click on "Indytech" -- it's the famous Indy FAQ.  Reputable Systems also
sells Ultra2 disks.  You might also want to search for Ultra2 disks on
PriceWatch (http://www.pricewatch.com/) or StreetPrices

Hope this helps!

Sean Leinen
Sr. Network Architect, MCSE, CCNA
CNS Group, Inc. (http://www.cnsgroup.com/)

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Subject: Indy RAM

> This might not be an approriate question for the list, but does anyone
> know where I could buy Indy RAM.  I called my local SGI dealer and
> she said SGI is no longer selling/supporting the Indy hardware.  Also can
> you still buy Ultra 2 SCSI disks?
> thanks again
> steve
> Stephen Hitchner
> sjhitchner@acm.org                     coming soon
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