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RE: O1


I'm new to the MIPS effort as well.  I've been looking for something for the
O2 (no matter how buggy - I can report bugs!), and so far I've gotten no
replies from anybody... all I've seen is Indy stuff talked about and there
seems to be only Indy stuff in the kernel archives as well.  Anyway, if you
have any more luck than I have had and find out anything about the Octane or
the O2, please put me in the loop.  I'll do the same for you if I see
anything.  Maybe the Octane series is so strange it's never been tackled(?)
We'll see...


 - Todd 

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Coming in as a complete newbie, I've looked around the Debian site, and the
SGI site, and haven't found anything about distros for the plain ol' Octane.
Does anyone know of any that will work?

Thanks for any info,


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