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Re: donation?

David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:
> > [Sorry for the excessive CC'ing]
> > I'd be willing to *become* one of the Debian MIPS folks for a box like
> > this.
> Well, last I checked, Linux doesn't run on the Indigo2, so it's likely
> to be of limited usefulness.  (corrections from MIPS kernel folk
> appreciated)

Well, I will correct you.  I got Linux running on the Indigo2 last year
sometime.  I even built a beowulf cluster out of eight of them. 
Unfortunately, I have left the University I was doing this at and no
longer have access to an Indigo2 to play with.  

> > /me mumbles something about XFree86 4.0 on MIPS
> Does it have a driver for the funky SGI
> "who-needs-a-framebuffer-when-you've-got-OpenGL-pipes" graphics
> hardware, then?

Last I heard, it was going to be very difficult to get programming specs
out of SGI for the Graphics boards in the Indigo2s.  There are some
specs available for the Elan board, but I do not know if any Indigo2s
actually shipped with one.

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