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Re: R5000 oops

On Mon, 10 Jul 2000, Jason Mesker wrote:
> I am running kernel version: 2.4.0 test 3 pre 2.  I am useing wesolows vmlinux-0704b kernel.
> I think I have found the problem though.  I was running the system without swap and with 64Megs of RAM.  I added around 20 megs of swap space and did the
> configure again and it worked fine.  I am actually compiling now and will let the status be known if it completes or not.  As of right now everything looks
> like it is working fine with the swap enabled.

I suspect that's not the problem, though. 64 MB of RAM should not be exhausted
that fast.

I saw lots of similar oopses on the NEC DDB Vrc-5074 with various 2.3.x
kernels. Other people reported similar oopses with other machines. And the
common factor is the R5000.



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