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I'm having a problem getting apt to work.  I have got it installed and
all seems well but this is what I'm getting:

[root@iris /tmp]# apt-get update
Hit ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/main Packages
Get:1 ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/main Release
Ign ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/main Release
Hit ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/non-free Packages
Get:2 ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/non-free Release
Ign ftp://ftp.rfc822.org unstable/non-free Release
Reading Package Lists... Error!
E: Unable to write mmap - msync (22 Invalid argument)
E: Problem opening

E: Unable to write mmap - msync (22 Invalid argument)
E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
[root@iris /tmp]#

The file it is talking about is there and is set with the correct
permissions.  I have checked the permissions from another debian system
( i386 ) that I have setup and running.  I have used differant servers
and I still get the very same results.   Thanks...

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