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Re: X on an Indy

> > AFAIK the Indy/SGI Graphics Cards are even less/more - They dont present
> > a memory block to the OS but only an OpenGL pipe. But i havnt
> > had a look at it.
> > 
> > The "Indy" console (Which is only available for the kernel) is
> > based on the Prom - Therefor it is called "promcon.c" - There is
> > a ARC Firmware callback for getting and printing characters.
> > See arch/mips/arc/promcon.c and arch/mips/sgi/kernel/promcon.c or
> > something. 

This is what you're using for the Indigo.  We have specifications for the
newport chipset that can be found in most Indys.  You can do a lot of things
with the newport chipset such as DMA transfers directly from memory.  For the
newport console that's in drivers/char/video currently use a method where we
set a window with the size of a character and then repeatedly set a register
on the newport to different color values.  There are also functionality for
drawing lines and some other goodies built in.  A framebuffer could be
emulated, but it would be rather slow.


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