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Re: X on an Indy

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 10:22:19PM +0200, Peter Teichmann wrote:
> Hi,
> just an idea: We have a console driver for the Indy. I do not know how it works
> but I guess the Indy graphics device does not have a text mode so it should be
> more or less framebuffer like.
> Shouldn't it be possible to implement a frame buffer device and use the
> (unaccellerated) framebuffer X server? The necessary information should be
> available to the person who wrote the Indy console. Perhaps it can also be
> extracted from the source.

AFAIK the Indy/SGI Graphics Cards are even less/more - They dont present
a memory block to the OS but only an OpenGL pipe. But i havnt
had a look at it.

The "Indy" console (Which is only available for the kernel) is
based on the Prom - Therefor it is called "promcon.c" - There is
a ARC Firmware callback for getting and printing characters.
See arch/mips/arc/promcon.c and arch/mips/sgi/kernel/promcon.c or

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