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RE: Linux on O2?

That is amazing. I'd love an O2 @ 625 USD (who wouldn't!)

-Lee Martin

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Subject: RE: Linux on O2?

Count me Four!!!!!
i am now running 2 challenge S's and a indigo 2...
would love to have an O2 running linux and for 620 USD :-)~~~~~

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Subject: Re: Linux on O2?

jallan@freeuk.com wrote:

> You wrote:
> > From: James Simmons
> > > The O2's I can get hold of, if I am well informed, come with an R5000
> > > processor, 128MB RAM, 2GB SCSI, soundcard, keyboard and 21" Monitor
> > > 5000 NOK (that's about 1250 DEM or 625 USD!). Though I live in Norway
> > > visit Germany from time to time and transport is therefore a lesser
> > > problem.
> >
> > WoW!!! Can I get one for this price?
> Make that wow from me too! I am interested as well!
> Did I miss the original repy to my inquiry about Linux on an O2 though?

Me three !


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