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Re: New packages ...

Florian Lohoff wrote:
> New packages ...
> cvs_1.10.7-2_mipsel.deb
> fakeroot_0.0-17_mipsel.deb
> mingetty_0.9.4-7_mipsel.deb
> ae_962-21.1_mipsel.deb
> ed_0.2-17_mipsel.deb
> ldso_1.9.11-5_mipsel.deb
> ldso was reported to not work - This report was from a R3000
> based machine so probably you want to stay with 1.9.11 for the
> moment - I am happy for some feedback ...

For some reason, the version from you worked here.

Anyway, we've also got sharutils and shellutils ready.



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