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Re: glibc build problems, mipsel glibc 2.0.7-981211

>>>>> Florian Lohoff writes:

 > Hi,
 > i discover the following problems while trying to build the debian
 > glibc package from slink ( + mips patches)

 > /data/glibc/glibc- -d
 > 	/data/glibc/glibc- -L
 > 	/dev/null -y ./yearistype africa

 > /data/glibc/glibc- error in loading
 > 	shared libraries: undefined symbol: __deregister_frame_info
Please read the glibc FAQ
2.8.    When I run an executable on one system which I compiled on
        another, I get dynamic linker errors.  Both systems have the same
        version of glibc installed.  What's wrong?

Question 2.8 is most likely not in 2.0.7 - get the current FAQ via

 > Ok - I found the symbol ... But .. LD_PRELOAD doesnt seem to help ...

 > (root@repeat)/data/glibc/glibc- objdump
 > 	--syms /data/glibc/glibc- |
 > 	grep dl_unload

 > (root@repeat)/data/glibc/glibc- export
 > 	LD_PRELOAD="/data/glibc/glibc-
 > 	/data/glibc/glibc-"

 > (root@repeat)/data/glibc/glibc-
 > 	/data/glibc/glibc- -d
 > 	/data/glibc/glibc- -L
 > 	/dev/null -y ./yearistype africa

 > Segmentation fault
don't try to build the files for now - the problem you encounter is
one of the reasons why 2.0.7 was never released officially.

 > I am not sure if i am able to preload ld.so.1 - I suspect not ....
 > What do i do now ? Compile a "zic" whithout the dependency, 
 > build the package and replace the libc/ld.so ? This seems to be a little
 > risky.
Build without time, install with `make install_prefix=/tmp/glibc
install' and check if everything runs (compare with question 3.18 of
the FAQ).

For more details, just ask;-)

P.S. you missed to include all glibc lists ;-)
 Andreas Jaeger   
  SuSE Labs aj@suse.de	
   private aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de

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