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RE: XEmacs on mips-unknown-linux

Hi Andreas,

Nice to see your patch included so quickly.  There's no X11 on my Indy yet,
but XEmacs brings to bear all the colour of ncurses at 160x64 on the console
(I hope Ulf will comment on both of these facts).



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> From:	Andreas Jaeger [SMTP:aj@suse.de]
> Sent:	Tuesday, September 28, 1999 2:49 PM
> To:	Mike Hill
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> Subject:	Re: XEmacs on mips-unknown-linux
> >>>>> Mike Hill writes:
>  > This looks more and more like the makings of a real Debian
> distribution.
>  > With Version 21.1.7, XEmacs now compiles out-of-the-box on SGI/MIPS
> Linux.
> Glad to hear that it works not only for my system.  The only problem I
> still have is an XEmacs with X11 on MIPS.  Have you been successful?
> Andreas
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