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Re: Hello?

On Fri, Sep 03, 1999 at 10:20:20PM -0400, Greg Johnson wrote:
> What's the status of debian development on mips?  What's been done, and is
> anyone still working on it?
> I have recently installed "Hardhat 5.1" on an old indy, and I'd be interested
> in helping with a debian port.

I tried to start withit although i havent got to much knowledge of compilers,
libcs etc - I am willing to set up an autobuilder if we are in the
state of doing so.

I started to compile a couple of packages (All with broken dependencies
due to missing dpkg database).

Currently i am a bit stopped as i have no clue what to do with
glibc 2.1/egcs etc ...

I have 2 Decstations (Little Endian R3000@40Mhz and R4000@50Mhz) both
with 3 SCSI Controllers, Ethernet and FDDI (Which currently is unsupported).

There is someone working on "Debian/linux-mips" (Big Endian) but
i cant remember ....

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