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Re: Anyone ported Linux to the NEC DDB-VRC4737 evaluation board?

> > today: Does anyone know of a Linux port to the NEC DDB-VRC4374
> > embedded evaluation board? The board is an evaluation platform for
> [...]
> 	I don't know of a port, or a port for the VRC5074 board (the
> similar setup for the Vr5000 cpu and glue chip).  Same question,
> different board?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I have Linux mostly running on a board with the NEC4310/4373 combo, but it
isn't the NEC eval board (everything in both 2.1.121 and 2.3.9 that I've
tested seems to work except pthreads). I also have linux sort of running on a
board with the QED5271/NEC5074 (and I plan to make it work on a
QEDRM7000/NEC5074) but that isn't an eval board either. Not that this will
help either of you, but it means there is hope and it probably can be done.

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