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Re: Little Endian - Debian/Linux/MIPS Port

What system configuration(s) are you running little endian on?  
I am aware of ports to systems like DECstation and sparse out-dated
(kernel 2.0.2x) support for Deskstation Tyne and other systems.  I am not
aware of any current support for little endian, and in particular for the
Deskstation Tyne (the system I have access to). 

On Fri, 19 Mar 1999 ralf@uni-koblenz.de wrote:
:|Hi everybody,
:|nice that somebody forwarded this thread to one of the relevant MIPS
:|mailing lists ...  I didn't even know about a Debian project, therefore
:|currently the Linux/MIPS FAQ says, there is none ...
:|Anybody wants to write a paragraph about the state, availability etc.?
:|In SGML-Tools, please.
:|> >  No Linux Kernel binaries exist for little endian. Whether or not a
:|> >  working kernel for little endian can even be cross-compiled for the
:|> >  little endian is dependant upon the current maintenance status of the
:|> >  Linux kernel source code for linux-mipsel which I do not know.
:|> >  So the only thing that those interested in running Linux on little endian
:|> >  can do is either cross their fingers and hope things work out with my
:|> >  efforts, or help develop a running port of linux on little endian which
:|> >  might include cross-compiling and/or kernel hacking. The latter is
:|> >  encouraged.
:|> >  Also, anyone at all out there who can give me solid information about the
:|> >  current maintenance status of linux-mipsel in the Linux Source code, or
:|> >  what not, is appreciated.
:|This describes the situation very inaccurate.  The kernel binary does not
:|only depend on the machine's byteorder but also on the very much of the
:|rest of the system.  So we actually would need to provide several kernel
:|binaries for big and little endian machines.  We kernel hackers usually
:|don't because it's alot of work.
:|Aside, I'm running Linux on several big and little endian machines, no
:|  Ralf

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