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Re: Debian/Linux/MIPS Port

[I miss some traffic here, is there any progress?]

Ulf Carlsson wrote:
> > I understand that the Current MIPS code in the Linux 2.2.1 kernel includes
> > support for the Desksation Tyne, but I would like to know if Debian is
> > planning on including support for this machine in its destribution.
> If Debian is going to have support this machine currently depends on you as long
> as you are the only person who is interested in it doing it. Currently I know no
> other debian developers who have access to Deskstation machines. There are
> certainly other persons who are interested in *running* Debian/MIPS little
> endian.
> The little endian mips is named mipsel and the big endian version is named just
> mips. Just so you know.

Does this mean we have to come up with binary-mips and binary-mipsel in
the near future?



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