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Re: Debian/Linux/MIPS Port

Hi Russell,

> Hello.  I am interested in possibly contributing to activity for this
> port, however we have two Deskstation Tyne MIPS R4600 machines.


> Is the Debian/Linux/MIPS port planning on supporting the Deskstation Tyne
> MIPS R4600 machines?

Those machines are probably little endian because of the NT ARC (these are
capable of running NT right?). They binaries will have to be recompiled for this

I am not going to be working on this since I don't have a Deskstation machine.
At least not until someone puts one in my hands.

> I understand that the Current MIPS code in the Linux 2.2.1 kernel includes
> support for the Desksation Tyne, but I would like to know if Debian is
> planning on including support for this machine in its destribution.

If Debian is going to have support this machine currently depends on you as long
as you are the only person who is interested in it doing it. Currently I know no
other debian developers who have access to Deskstation machines. There are
certainly other persons who are interested in *running* Debian/MIPS little

The little endian mips is named mipsel and the big endian version is named just
mips. Just so you know.

- Ulf

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