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Re: Offer of help...

On Wed, Feb 10, 1999 at 12:12:13PM -0500, Mike Hill wrote:
> > Yep, we have a little problem. One of the core contributers to
> > Debian/MIPS, Job
> > Bogan, has disappeared.
> > 
> Someone posted to the SGI/Linux list from job's address on 19 January in the
> midst of the Visual Workstation thread, but it was signed "John Bogan."  The
> signature did contain a phone number...

Job usually doesn't sign his messages, at least not from what I've seen. Maybe
he changed mail reader? Maybe I should call him since he doesn't answer mails.

> > Dpkg is done.
> Can we play with this? 

No, unfortunately it's both done and gone. Job has compiled it as well though.

- Ulf

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