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Re: Offer of help...

On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Ulf Carlsson wrote:

> > > I'll compile a cross environment with the latest egcs today, I think we need
> > > somethin like that.
> > 
> > Definitely. I'd rather use an R5 or R10 than an R4 :)
> Why don't you run Linux on that R5 box? I was actually thinking about a x86
> compiler, but I know that those are rare in the SGI buildings :)

Because it's in an O2 ;) . We do have a PC running linux as part of our lab
setup (wonder who put that there :). I could make use of some spare CPU
cycles about the place...

> > Yeah, but to find them we need to chug through as many as possible and make
> > a note of which ones fail to build on the way through. 
> By the way, is ther a howto on compiling debian? They have to be built in a
> special order because of the deps. It's not just to press the build button.

Hmm. Not sure. Looks like we'd need to refer to the Debian gods for that. I
haven't built many (any?) dpg's as yet but from what I gather it isn't as
straightforward as it could be. Ah well, nothing ventured...

Is your dpkg build available somewhere convenient?


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