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Re: indy for auto-builds

Your message dated: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 16:43:26 +0100
>> so, i'm working on freeing up an indy (R4000 100mhz if i remember right)
>> for building debian mips stuff.
>Great! (quite old processor though)

yup.  the oldest/first indy cpu to be made if i recall right.  but, it
runs.  =)

>There's currently no debian mips archive, except for Vincent's old archive.

where is this?

>I think you have to wait for some time. I'll soon upload the stuff I have here
>to a server.

okey.  i guess for the time being, i'll get started w/ the redhat stuff
as a base.  ahh, good old chroot...

i could manage a ftp area if it's needed.  we have pretty good
connectivity around here.  and i could free up a gig or two w/o too much


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