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Bug#986904: blag-fortune/1.5.0-1 [ITA] -- anarchist quotes for fortune

Control: tags -1 moreinfo
Control: owner -1 !

Hi tous,

Thanks for adopting the package!

(FTR, a related thread to this RFS: https://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2021/04/msg00065.html,
however, I guess, public domain is fine as stated by upstream and also the state of the current

Ok, to the package:

- (Standard this times:) We are currently frozen, so an upload to unstable _might_ cause troubles
  if you would need to update the current package for bullseyes… (Probabilty
  for that happening is likely low, so your call)

- You've put the package on salsa! that's great, but I've been burnt with private namespaces, so
  I discourage them.  Would you mind to put it into the debian namespace? (I'd create it for you and
  give you all required rights)

- d/copyright has an empty Upstream-Contact field. Please either fill or remove.

- As there is no dep3 header on the patch… Please add one and consider upstreaming the patch.

Those are only small things and should be easy to fix. Please confirm that you want to target unstable
and I can do the upload. (Remove the moreinfo tag when ready)


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