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Bug#983656: RFS: dkopp/7.7-1 -- Full and incremental backup to DVD

Control: tags -1 moreinfo

Hi Hill Ma,

> Changes since the last upload:
>  dkopp (7.7-1) unstable; urgency=medium
>  .
>    * New upstream release.
>    * Bumped Standards-Version to 4.5.1.
>    * Bumped debhelper compatibility level to 13.
>    * Removed 02-makefile.patch. No longer applicable.
>    * Updated other patches.
>    * Added lshw as a dependency.
>    * Added libclutter-gtk-1.0-dev as a build dependency.
>    * Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser updated to dkopp Salsa repository.
>    * User guide is in text instead of HTML due to upstream change.

Thanks for working on dkopp;
I hope even after this time you've waited you'll welcome the review…

- note that we are currently in the freeze, so an upload of a new upstream
  version to unstable is inappropiate. Please target experimental for now, or
  wait until bullseye has been released. (I'm not going to upload to unstable
  at this point of the freeze)

- dkopp is orphaned. (#987089).
  - Do you want to do an QA-Upload or do you intent do adopt the package?
    That needs to be indicated in the package:
     - for the former, read Developer Reference §5.11.6 how to do an QA upload.
       (e.g updating d/control's Maintainer field and change log entry)
     - for the latter, it is §5.9.5 (you need to change the orphaning bug to an
       ITA bug and close that bug in the changelog)

- the changelog entry should focus a bit more on "why" something has changed,
  as I can see the "what" from the diff, but not the rationale behind that…
  - why lshw as new dependency?
  - why B-D on libclutter-gtk-1.0-dev?

- The update on d/watch is not mentioned in d/changelog.

- d/copyright needs updating. (upstream provides a dep5-copyright in
  docs/copyright; might get you started, but you need to review all files if
  the provided file is correct.)

- d/control:
 - VCS-Git should be an https:// URL (ref. to Policy 5.6.26)
 - Homepage should use https
   - the file debian-control hints that the homepage has moved to
     https://kornelix.net/ (the old one at least has a bad SSL certificate)

- Lintian Errors: (unchecked if legit)
E: dkopp: doc-base-file-references-wrong-path dkopp:7 /usr/share/dkopp/data/userguide
E: dkopp: doc-base-file-references-wrong-path dkopp:8 /usr/share/dkopp/data/*

- Other Lintian ramblings:
I: dkopp: hardening-no-bindnow usr/bin/dkopp
I: dkopp source: quilt-patch-missing-description 03-blkid.patch
I: dkopp source: unused-file-paragraph-in-dep5-copyright paragraph at line 10
I: dkopp source: vcs-field-uses-insecure-uri Vcs-Git git://git@salsa.debian.org:debian/dkopp.git
I: dkopp source: wildcard-matches-nothing-in-dep5-copyright ./debian/* (line 10)
X: dkopp source: debian-rules-uses-as-needed-linker-flag line 4
X: dkopp source: debian-watch-does-not-check-gpg-signature
P: dkopp source: insecure-copyright-format-uri http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/copyright-format/1.0/
P: dkopp source: silent-on-rules-requiring-root
P: dkopp source: trailing-whitespace debian/changelog (line 51)
P: dkopp source: trailing-whitespace debian/changelog (line 54)
P: dkopp source: trailing-whitespace debian/changelog (line 61)
P: dkopp source: trailing-whitespace debian/changelog (line 63)
P: dkopp source: trailing-whitespace debian/changelog (line 76)

For the sppnsoring procedure, please update the package; once ready, please remove the
moreinfo tag and I'll take a look again.

(if you prefer to wait until bullseye has been released, let me know as well;
otherwise it must target experimental)


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