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Bug#987244: RFS: nbsdgames/4.0-1 [ITP] -- text based mini games for your terminal

On Sun, 25 Apr 2021 21:17:44 -0400 The Wanderer  wrote:
> On 2021-04-25 at 20:45, Phil Morrell wrote:
> > Given all this, I suggest you adopt a universal prefix for all the
> > games, perhaps "nb-"? On the other hand, it might be worth
> > preserving tab completion with a suffix instead, in which case no
> > harm with a full "-nbsdgames".
> I was going to suggest a 'nbsd-' prefix, for reasons of consistency with
> the collection name, but if 'nb-' is considered acceptable it would at
> least have the advantage of being faster and easier to type.

I suggest using the prefix 'nb' (without the -). 

This prefix is shorter, more shift-efficient and already used in the Arch package. Also you can type 'nb' and press tab and see all the games.

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