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Re: Location for user installed plugin libraries and icons

   Thanks for the info, I thought this may be the case. Using that it is easy to install and uninstall plugins from the main program. The uninstall can be just the plugin resources or the plugin resources and configuration items as well and we can ask the user what level of uninstall they intend.

   One thought though, what happens if the main application, the 'deb', is uninstalled? Should the plugin resources be left or uninstalled, what about the configurations? Once the main app has been uninstalled there is no way for the user to easily uninstall/remove left over stuff. As far as I can see most users only know about Downloads, Documents, etc., but nothing about directories that contain '.' as the leading character (most desktops hide these directories).


On 6/5/21 10:01 am, Benoît Rouits wrote:
Hi Jon,

Maybe it would be preferable to use the XDG recommendation ?

App configuration, and plugins configuration too:

User installed plugins resources:

*where MyTLD is a top-level unique 'domain' that avoids name clashing between apps.

More to read here:

Le 06/05/2021 à 01:36, Jon Gough a écrit :
Hi List,
    I am working on a user driven plugin management process for an application which is installed via a 'deb' file. The application is installed using 'root' privileges, but the plugins need to be installable by the user without root privileges. The plugins will consist of libs, icons, etc. that are used to 'run' the plugin and user updateable config files used to 'control' the plugin.

    If the plugin was installed by a 'deb' file it would put libs and supplied icons in a system area, i.e. /usr or /usr/local, and the updateable config files in a user writeable area, i.e. $HOME/.<application>/. What would be a suitable location for the libs, icons, etc. for the user installed plugin?

Many thanks

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