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Bug#975390: RFS: dragonfly-reverb/3.2.1-1 [ITP] -- Reverb effect plugins (metapackage)

tag 975390 - moreinfo

Hi Dennis,

I will take another look over the weekend. Hopefully my gpg key issue is sorted out now.

I am on a different machine, so I can't check the exact lintian warning. I think it was the "manpage missing" warnings, which have changed name and lintian does the divert automatically. I run lintian as a pbuilder hook (with all the pedantic options etc.), so it would have been the latest lintian in sid at that time. No matter. It is something that can be sorted out at the next upload anyway (if required).



On 25.02.2021 23.57, Dennis Braun wrote:
Hi Ross,

thank you for the review! I think ive fixed everything. I also added 2 patches to fix cross building and fix building without sse.

about 5., i dont know which new tag you mean. my build on sid didnt had a different tag.

and about 12., yeah all plugins should be installed.


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