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Bug#975390: Review of Dragonfly Reverb

tag 975390 + moreinfo
owner 975390 !

Hi Dennis,

I have done a review of Dragonfly Reverb and have the following comments:
1. d/changelog - As this is the initial release for Debian, the
changelog entry should just have the one entry closing the ITP bug.
2. d/rules - I don't think we need to export the path prefixes. The
standard build should do the right thing.
3. d/rules - I think we can drop the dh_autobuild overides. dh % should
do the right thing on its own.
4. d/dragonfly-reverb.lintian-overrides - In addition to the note about
the online manuals, I think it would be worth adding to the note in the
override that there are no command line options and the executables
always launch a gui.
5. d/dragonfly-reverb.lintian-overrides - While we are at it, the tag
name has changed for the lintian warning which we could fix.
6. d/control - I don't think mentioning how the gui is built with a
toolkit is useful for a user of the package. I would prefer that the
long description mentions the different types of reverb effects that are
7. d/copyright - The main Files: * part should probably be licensed as
GPL-3+ (not GPL-3). At least this is the case for some files in common/*.
8. d/copyright - Mark Borgerding (kiss_fft) is not mentioned.
9. d/copyright - Attributions for David Robillard, Gabriel M.
Beddingfield, Lars Luthman, Leonard Ritter, Rui Nuno Capela, Stefano
D'Angelo, and Steve Harris for various files in dpf/distrho/src/lv2 seem
to be missing.
10. d/copyright - An attribution for Javier Serrano in
dpf/distrho/src/vestige is missing
11. d/copyright - An attribution for Richard W.E. Furse, Paul
Barton-Davis, Stefan Westerfeld in dpf/distrho/src/ladspa/ladspa.h is
12. d/copyright - I ran out of time to complete the review of
d/copyright. I recommend a thorough review before uploading. There are
so many bundled effects in the source package. Are they all installed?


Ross Gammon
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