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Re: Sending gpg keys to keyserver


>I have an upload stuck in the upload queue due to an expired key, and I
>would like upload my newly unexpired key to the Debian keyservers so
>that it is eventually unblocked.
>But I get this error:
>$ gpg -v --keyserver keyring.debian.org --send-key 'fingerprint'
>gpg: sending key 0x<key> to hkp://keyring.debian.org
>gpg: keyserver send failed: Connection refused
>gpg: keyserver send failed: Connection refused
>So how did I get into this mess?
>1. Many years ago followed the riseup.net guide to configure my keys.
>2. Over two years ago set the expiry date of my signing/encryption key
>forwad two years to about now.
>3. Weeks ago, sponsored a package to NEW.
>4. Package was rejected.
>5. The other day, uploaded a fixed package for my sponsee.
>6. Today, realise the upload has silently failed due to expired key.
>7. Extend expiry date of keys forward two more years.
>8. Issue above command, then spend hours of frustrated searching :-)
>I should say that I am on an Ubuntu machine (my Debian laptop has other
>issues that need fixing). Googling comes up with gpg changes with
>v2.1(?), and dirmngr now being the default - not curl ($ gpg --help
>gives > gpg (GnuPG) 2.2.19). Riseup.net has completely changed since I
>last looked, and there does not seem to be any updated advice on the
>Debian keysigning pages.
>Any ideas on what configuration I might need to update?

gpg --keyserver keyring.debian.org --send-keys mykeyID
works for me on Ubuntu 20.04


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