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Howto re-upload to debian-mentors

Hi Debian-Mentors,

I am in the process of adopting the package geda-gaf. This is my first
experience as a maintainer so I might be a little stubborn. After the
first successful upload as "geda-gaf-1.10.2-1" some minor issues
surfaced. When I tried to use dupload to upload the changes the utility
just told me that all the packages were already there. It concluded
"Nothing to upload".

After I upped the version to "geda-gaf-1.10.2-2" the package uploaded
fine. However, reviewers suggested to combine the two uploads into one. 
I found no way to directly overwrite or modify an upload. So I used the
remove button on the projects page to remove the offending uploads.
Afterwards, I uploaded my current local version as "geda-gaf-1.10.2-1".
Unfortunately, comments by a reviewer were deleted in the process. The
remarks were dealt with in the new upload, though.

Can you confirm that this was the correct way to go ahead? 



Kai-Martin Knaak
Email: kmk@familieknaak.de
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