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Bug#981751: RFS: freewheeling/0.6.4-1.1 [RC] [NMU] [ITS] support fluidsynth2 (Closes: #946863)

On 2021-02-04 13:32:30 +0100, bill-auger@programmer.net wrote:
> yes, i realized later that i should have mentioned that in the changelog

Okay, please mention it in the changelog. Once that's done, I'll sponsor
the package.


> freewheeling does not use gnutls-openssl since 2016 - in v0.6.2, that functionality was replaced with nettle - perhaps it was an over-sight, that the 0.6.4 debian package still had libgnutls-openssl as a build-dep, and not nettle - the program will not compile unless nettle-dev is installed on the build host - simply replacing the build-depends 'libgnutls-openssl-dev' with 'nettle-dev', seemed like the obvious thing to do - dennis did the same in the salsa repo
> https://salsa.debian.org/multimedia-team/freewheeling/-/commit/3f0a05201ed557d334af85fbd70cce5b9bedc124
> these are the relevant changes introduced in v0.6.2:
> configure.ac:
>   -AC_INIT([fweelin], [0.6.1])
>   +AC_INIT([fweelin], [0.6.2])
>   ....
>   -AC_CHECK_LIB([gnutls-openssl], [main], , [AC_MSG_ERROR(You need libgnutls11-dev installed)])
>   +AC_CHECK_LIB([nettle], [main], , [AC_MSG_ERROR(You need nettle-dev installed)])
> src/fweelin_core.h:
>   -#include <gnutls/openssl.h>
>   +#include <nettle/md5.h>

Sebastian Ramacher

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