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Bug#975119: RFS: cglm/0.7.9-1 -- Optimized OpenGL Mathematics library for C

On Fri, 2020-11-20 at 15:28 -0800, Jordan Justen wrote:

> It sound like you recommend incrementing the standards version and
> ignoring lintian, right?


> As lintian helps to validate the package against the standards
> version, is there much benefit to updating the standards version
> before lintian can start to help validate it?

The field is a declaration of which policy version the package last
complied with. The purpose is that, when policy is updated, you only
need to check the package against the updated sections of policy rather
than rechecking the entire package against the entirety of policy.

Since lintian checks more than just policy and cannot automatically
check all of policy, you still need to manually check the package
against updated versions of policy.

Since lintian bumping the version of policy it knows about does not
mean that the changes in the new version of policy are checked for by
the updated lintian, it is basically irrelevant what version of policy
that lintian thinks is the latest version.

> I guess there is not much benefit to updating it before lintian is
> updated, but also probably not much harm.

The two are entirely orthogonal, so it is best to update the package to
the latest version of policy and then declare that you have done that
by updating Standards-Version and mentioning that in the changelog.



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