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Re: Creating a proper d/watch file

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 02:53:10PM +0100, Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:
>  version=4
>  opts=\
>  filenamemangle=s/.*=(.*)/$1/ \
>  https://pdfbox.apache.org/download.cgi
> .*/jbig2-imageio-(\d(\.\d)*)-src\.zip&action=download
To fix the version extraction, replace (\.\d)* with (?:\.\d)* to make it
To fix the file name, replace filenamemangle=s/.*=(.*)/$1/ with
filenamemangle=s/.*\/([^\/]+\.zip).*/$1/ (disclaimer: I have no idea what
is filenamemangle intended to do and if it's the best option here).


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