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FTBFS due to SIGABRT while running HTTP server tests, bug #973526


Maarten L. Hekkelman as the package maintainer asked for my help with bug #973526
but I have to forward his request to debian-mentors.

The package libzeep failed to build on amd64, apparently because of a SIGABRT during
its HTTP server test. 

>> >> test/http-test.cpp
>> test/http-test.cpp: In member function ‘void connection_read::test_method()’:
>> test/http-test.cpp:74:17: note: ‘#pragma message: write test for avail/used’
>>    74 | #pragma message "write test for avail/used"
>>       |                 ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>>>> building http-test
>> cd test; ./http-test 
>> Running 7 test cases...
>> started daemon at port 5923
>> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::wrapexcept<boost::system::system_error>'
>>   what():  resolve: Host not found (authoritative)
>> unknown location(0): fatal error: in "webapp_7": signal: SIGABRT (application abort requested)
>> test/http-test.cpp(122): last checkpoint: "webapp_7" test entry
>> started daemon at port 3364
>> terminate called recursively
>> unknown location(0): fatal error: in "server_with_security_1": signal: SIGABRT (application abort requested)
>> test/http-test.cpp(159): last checkpoint: "server_with_security_1" test entry

There is an example of a successful build for arm64 log here:

What might the issue be and how to fix this FTBFS?

Juhani Numminen

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