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Bug#963613: RFS: suede/0.2.5-3 [QA] -- Suede GTK+ icon theme

Em 26/06/2020 08:28, gregor herrmann escreveu:
> On Thu, 25 Jun 2020 18:36:56 -0300, Fabio Augusto De Muzio Tobich wrote:
>> Em 25/06/2020 18:19, Adam Borowski escreveu:
>>> On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 10:45:56AM -0300, Fabio Augusto De Muzio Tobich wrote:
>>>>    * debian/watch: added a fake site to explain about the current status of the
>>>>      original upstream homepage.
>>> Could you tell me what's the point of the last bit?  I see no upside of
>>> producing bogus data for the watch file.
>> The idea there was to show the watch file was not ignored, but there's nothing to
>> track actually, it's a dead project, at least for now.
>> If someone decide to continue the project, and publish it somewhere, it's just a
>> matter to update the watch file.
>> Do you think would be better to just not provide the file?
> You can add a watchfile that is empty except for a comment explaining
> the situation.
> Cheers,
> gregor
That looks good, it's also what lintian recommends right?
So I'm gonna go with that.

Changed debian/watch to:

# This package does not have an active upstream and the latest upstream
# distribution mechanism cannot be meaningfully monitored by uscan.

And updated changelog to:

* debian/watch: added an empty file exept for a comment to explain about
  the current status of the upstream distribution site.

Looks allright?

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