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Bug#961179: RFS: inkscape-textext/1.0.1-1 [ITP] -- Re-editable LaTeX graphics for Inkscape

在 2020-06-09星期二的 21:58 -0600,Antonio Russo写道:
> This essentially the same as [1] BTS 961741, and I've pushed the fix
> to debian-mentors [2] and salsa [3].  I apologize for this, I did not
> push these changes out earlier because I (apparently incorrectly)
> assumed no one was going to look at my package.
> I still have not heard back from upstream regarding signed git tags
> [4].

Signed tags/tarballs don't matter; they are totally optional. Your
debian/watch file is using mode=git, which is totally fine; however,
you may also opt to monitor the github releases page like other Debian

Just one last issue: you did not document the license information of
textext/texoutparse.py; this file is licensed under the MIT License
(seems to be the Expat variant), not BSD-3-Clause. Please update this
information accordingly. After that, I think I can help to upload this

Boyuan Yang

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