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Bug#962542: RFS: pat/0.9.0+dfsg.1-1 [ITP] -- Winlink client for sending and receiving radio mail

Hi Taowa,

some comments on the package:

The list of Depends is borked, I don't think you need any of the go
packages at runtime as everything is statically linked.

Why is libax25 there? It should be pulled in via shlibdeps, not

The description doesn't mention anything about hamradio, so an
occasional reader might think this is something to be used over the

After reading it several times, looking at the pat homepage, and the
winlink wikipedia article, I'm still not sure what the role of pat is.
Could you add a sentence or two how it interfaces with the rest of the
winlink network? Do I need to have a working ax25 modem or any of the
other (radio?) protocols? Are there any programs in Debian that the
package should recommend/suggest to get the radio interface working?

The pat-configure(1) manpage is very confusing, it took me several
minutes to figure out that the command to be invoked is actually
"pat configure" with a space. Please fix the synopsis to make that

Likewise, I think the comment on debian/pat.lintian-overrides is
confusing, I don't have any idea why you are citing that policy
section there. It might help to put "pat configure" into quotes. It
looked more like bad grammar than what you really wanted to say.
I think the override comment should be, along with a full pattern:

# "pat configure" has a separate manpage
pat: manpage-without-executable /usr/share/man/man1/pat-configure.1.gz

(recheck the full warning, I made it up here.)

What's that bindata_assetfs.go binary blob? Should that also better be
excluded with building the orig tarball?

Christoph DF7CB

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