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Bug#962441: RFS: siconos/4.3.0+dfsg-1 [RC] -- modeling and simulation of nonsmooth dynamical systems (simulation runner tool)

On Mon, Jun 08, 2020 at 07:37:26AM +0200, Stephen Sinclair wrote:
>  * Package name    : siconos
>    Version         : 4.3.0+dfsg-1


> Testing this package requires fclib 3.1.0+dfsg-1, which also needs
> sponsorship.  It can be found here:
>   https://mentors.debian.net/package/fclib

so thats actually two RFSes in one.  And there are problems with fclib.

> Changes since the last upload:
>    * New upstream version. (Closes: #962219) (Closes: #961735)
>    * Add dependencies libboost-timer-dev, libboost-chrono-dev.
>    * Depend on openblas and lapacke instead of atlas.
>    * Require fclib 3.1.0
>    * Update location of install paths.
>    * Enable WITH_GENERATION, now required for serialization.
>    * Install new siconos_export_raw_data tool.
>    * Fix cmake import targets to allow independent packages.
>    * Update patches for new upstream version.
>    * Add a flag for gfortran to avoid a regression in GCC-10.
>      (Closes: #957794)
>    * Remove unused build rule for swig3.0 symlink.
>    * Remove non-existent files from debian/copyright.
>    * Rewrite patch descriptions using gbp pq.
>    * Fix a Python warning about using 'is' with a literal.

It looked ok on my box, and passed both all automated and manual review I've
done.  But, it fails on some of official buildds: at least on amd64 arm64

I seem unable to reproduce the FTBFS locally -- in 15 tries on amd64, 1 on
arm64, all passed.

Thus, you'd need to investigate and fix that one in fclib first.

It'd be good if you filed a separate RFS for that.  Let's leave this one
for siconos 4.3.0+dfsg-1

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