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Bug#961738: RFS: dragengine/1.1 -- Drag[en]gine Game Engine

On 5/31/20 9:19 AM, Tobias Frost wrote:
> If you want to follow this route, your next step would be now to contact
> the fox1.6 maintainer by filing a wishlist bug against src:fox1.6, asking
> to package the version you need, explaining the situation and maybe (==
> if you want) tell them that you would commit helping to offset the extra
> work caused by maintaining the development snapshot.
> * dak spits out those r-deps:
> ace: libfox-1.6-dev
> gogglesmm: libfox-1.6-dev
> libgwenhywfar: libfox-1.6-dev
> pcsc-cyberjack: libfox-1.6-dev
> sumo: libfox-1.6-dev
> xfe: libfox-1.6-dev (>= 1.6.45)
I tried doing this with reportbug but I failed. It asks me first for the
package where the bug is found. I entered as you suggested "src:fox1.6".
Reportbug complains "src:fox1.6 is not a valid package name.". What am I
doing wrong?

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