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Re: Bug#961738: RFS: dragengine/1.1 -- Drag[en]gine Game Engine

Le 04/06/2020 à 12:25, Roland Plüss a écrit :
> I don't see any way for me to get other projects to update to 1.7 . FOX
> separates 1.7 from 1.6 so projects are not forced to upgrade if they
> don't want to.
> I can try ask the maintainer but I consider this a 0% success rate.

Maybe having both version available would be an idea ?
The same as lua has multiple versions with the version embedded in the
source and binary packages names: lua5.1, lua5.2, ...

FOX 1.6 in Debian already has the version too in package names:
src:fox1.6, libfox-1.6-0, libfox-1.6-dev, libfox-1.6-doc

So this would be "easy" to add support for FOX 1.7 in a fox1.7 source
package building libfox-1.7-0, libfox-1.7-dev, libfox-1.7-doc.

That way, if the transition is hard enough from 1.6 to 1.7, it will
avoid pressing all users of FOX 1.6 to upgrade to 1.7.


Alexis Murzeau
PGP: B7E6 0EBB 9293 7B06 BDBC  2787 E7BD 1904 F480 937F

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