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Bug#961919: RFS: shairplay/1.0-1 [ITP] -- AirPort Express server emulator.

Hi Mattia!

>* d/control:
> + vcs is set to your private space, but the package is team maintained

Fixed to myself as maintainer, same as other package.

> + why did you decide to use "shairplay-bin" instead of just
> "shairplay"?

I thought source and binary packages of the same name would confuse
ftp archive. So I followed the "kodi-bin" path first. Seems I was wrong in my doubts
as mentors queue chewed the fixed release just fine!

> + drop the full stops from the synopsis (lintian flags this, didn't you
> see it?)


>* d/changelog:
> + it's not closing an ITP


>* d/libshairplay-dev.install:
> + same as the other pacakge regarding the .a file.

Keeping the .a files as explained in the other package ;)

>* d/shairplay-bin.install:
> + imho, you could just reduce the line length with "usr/bin" and
> "usr/share/man" without specifying the single files, since there is
> no risk here to pick up stuff from other binary packages accidentally

Yes, makes sense. Fixed.

(doing same with libs screwed up installer, so as a rule of thumb I'll try being
verbose where needed)

>* d/rules:
> + beware of what that dh_installdocs call you did actually do. I
> believe you don't want that. hint: check the package contents.

Removed that as now we have manpage.

> + you are -X'ing the .la file in dh_install? is that really needed?
> + same as the other package regarding dh_missing.

Fixed by putting .la into d/not-installed.

>* d/patches:
> + did you forward them? if you did please add some headers following
> DEP-3.

The upstream is not maintained + basically the patches fix Debian build.
I set them to "not-needed".

>* d/watch:
> + since now uscan supports scanning bare git repositories, I think you
> should add a watchfile novertheless

Best catch for today! :) Especially after I crafted the config which can repack
stuff from the git HEAD :)

>Incidentally, the git repository and what you uploaded to mentors are
>slightly different:
>|--- shairplay-0.9.0+git20180824/debian/control 2020-05-31 02:00:00.000000000 +0200
>|+++ shairplay-0.9.0+git20180824/debian/control 2020-05-31 02:00:00.000000000 +0200
>|@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
>| .
>| Currently only AirPort Express emulation is supported.
>| .
>|- This package installs the shairplay server executable
>|+ This package installs the shairplay server executable.
>| Package: libshairplay-dev
>| Architecture: any

I re-created the repo again to match the uscan-retrieved and repacked tars and pushed
the new iteration of pacjage to mentors queue.

>NOTE: I haven't reviewd the copyright yet.

I revised it and removed parts we don't use (AirTV-Qt). There was both licensing mess
and Qt incompatibilities so I just added that folder to Files-Excluded section in d/copyright
and re-uscan-ed the source :)

I also added files not covered by narrower scopes (*, like .gitignore, makefile.am, configure.ac) as
LGPL-2.1+ same as Debian patch. Hope it is corect approach given the LICENSE file of upstream does
never mention these files.
Vasyl Gello
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