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Re: Assist in maintaining a package

Hi Leandro,

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 09:58:16PM -0300, Leandro Cunha wrote:
> The Drawing package needs attention today, the 28th, completes three
> months without updates, and Buster does not have an alternative to MyPaint
> and I needed one that could be present in Backports and I can attest that
> it is 100% compatible. With that in mind, I offer to help maintain
> the package in Debian and follow the upstream. The maintainer maintains
> several packages and I intend only to help maintain it, which is Andrej
> Shadura who is Debian Developer. I dedicated time and tested a packing for
> this package with NMU (non maintainer update). I did this by following the
> Debian developers reference for assistance. It was presented as novelty
> for version of Mint 19.3 release in finish of 2019. I even drew attention
> to Mailing List debian-devel about bug report in open, asking to update
> with date of 29th of February.  

I honestly don’t understand the urgency. You’ve been spamming me with
messages about drawing while the package in Debian in only two versions
behind the upstream. There’s only been a couple of minor fixes upstream,
this can certainly wait until I find time.

Also, make sure you understand: the fact you proposed an NMU doesn’t mean
it has been accepted. So you cannot meaningfully claim that you "worked alone
on packages like Drawing for Debian". All of the messages you keep posting
seems a bit like stepping on my toes and hurrying me up for no reason.

Please let me maintain the package on the pace I find appropriate.


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