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Bug#948262: who can sponsor for special keyboard input

Got it, thanks! 

I am fix and update.

Could you please check for me.

On Thu, May 28, 2020, 2:54 PM Kyle Robbertze <paddatrapper@debian.org> wrote:
Control: tags -1 moreinfo


After reviewing the package, there are a couple things I noticed:

- Missing copyright info for the following files:
  * ./m4/*
  * ./aclocal.m4
  * ./config.rpath
  * ./install-sh
- The watch file is broken - it points to your packaging repo. It should
use the upstream launchpad repo
- The changelog should only have 'Initial packaging (Closes: #933071)'
as the change list. The other change lines are not needed.
- The package builds a lot of binary packages with 1 file each. Is this
necessary? Consider combining everything into one or two packages


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