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Bug#960986: RFS: fortune-zh/2.96 [ITA] -- Chinese Data files for fortune

On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 11:27 AM atzlinux 肖盛文 <atzlinux@sina.com> wrote:
> IMHO, do some "house keeping work" like ITA(if ITA is a truely  house
> keeping work as your point of view ), is a good beginning for a new man.
> But how many ITA packages is fit for a new man? 5,10,20 ? I'm not very
> sure this.
> So, I don't think that show my ITA packages number in email is the
> aggressive. Any body can do more ITA work.

By saying housekeeping, it means doing works that does not change the
package behavior that would affect the user experience. For example
changing the DH compat and fix lintian warnings by updating the
packaging. These works are friendly to new comers, but people are not
encouraged to adopt the package if main intention is updating these

Adopting packages usually requires more dedication than slightly
updating the packaging, rather you will need to invest more time on
keeping it in good shape in the long run. By adopting them you become
the maintainer and you have the ultimate responsibility to the quality
of that package in Debian.


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