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Bug#960940: RFS: runit/2.1.2-37 [RC] -- system-wide service supervision


Disclaimer: Not sponsoring as I am oblivious to init systems of all
kinds, so I don't feel confident reviewing changes in that area.

(I am not stalking you – I promise! – I just couldn't let that
 opportunity pass by after pushing another set of apt resolver changes
 triggered by your packages :P)

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 05:43:55PM +0200, Lorenzo Puliti wrote:
>    * Merge runit-sysv and runit-systemd into runit-run (Closes: #953875)

You are using unversioned Breaks+Replaces – please make them versioned.
It is perhaps unlikely that packages with that name will reappear in the
archive, but never say never…

Related, but as a matter of style only, I would release package
reorganisations always to experimental first: a) you need to clear NEW
and b) there is usually at least one bug in it you want to fix quickly,
but a) makes it unpredictable then that emergency will be.
(also c) you need another upload to move to testing as NEW needs
binaries to be uploaded, but they wont go into testing).

Also, but that is bike shed material: "-run" ?
I don't have a good suggestion, but I think for the uninitiated
-run and -init will be indistinguishable (also: run-it-run, init!).

| debian/runit-run.postinst

I see that the same code was used before, but:
a) make that a function instead of two code copies
b) consider that a file might not have an ending newline:
$ echo -n 'foo' > foo
$ cat foo - <<EOF
heredoc> bar
heredoc> EOF

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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