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No "linux-all" architecture wildcard


while packaging something that makes sense on Linux only, but one of the
built packages is architecture-*in*dependent while depending on some
of the linux-any ones - in other words, that arch-indep package makes
no sense on non-linux ...

The obivous way to declare architecture-all-but-linux-only binary
packages was

| Architecture: linux-all

but there is no such architecture wildcard. That package isn't build, also
lintian emits an according warning.

But isn't that a missing feature? The only reference I found about this
is somewhat older:

| As you may derive from their names, those
| packages are not at all useful for kfreebsd as they are tightly linked
| with the Linux kernel and exist on kfreebsd only because no one cared to
| implement "architecture: linux-all" so far.
[ https://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2011/05/msg00001.html ]

So yes, the only side-effect of there current situation is non-linux has
some unusable or even uninstallable packages. Or did I miss a sane way
to keep arch-indep packages out of non-linux?


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