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Re: Packaging pyca

> I created the current package with the tools installed under Buster
> using dh_make and the Lintian on Buster seems to be happy, except to the
> jquery stuff of course. Maybe this leads to the outdated versions.

It does indeed.

> Currently I provide this for people installing PyCA on their current
> version of Debian, so this package is mostly for Buster.
> I will try to build directly on unstable again and check the result, if
> I find a mentor for this and probably have then to maintain packaging
> for the two different versions in parallel, or is there a better way to
> do this?

It'd be fine to stay on a lower debhelper compat level and avoid newer
features that would make it fail to build from source on buster. In
that case, debhelper 12 is likely as far as you would want to go.
Except for using 12 instead of 13, I think my other suggestions would
still be compatible with buster.

I think it'd make sense to treat the buster version as a backport,
even if it's published in a non-Debian apt repo. Especially keeping
the diff to a minimum and using a backport version number (e.g.
2.2-2~bpo10+1) for the buster build to ensure that it upgrades cleanly
in the future.

On an unrelated note: maybe dh_installsystemd could be useful to you.


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