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Bug#960475: RFS: iptux/0.7.6-2 -- Intranet communication tool for Linux


    I'd add debian/clean file and upload.

Making a minimal rules file is better.



在 2020/5/14 下午6:30, Peter Pentchev 写道:
> OK, I can upload this if you want. I have another suggestion about
> minimizing the rules file - you may put the names of the files and
> directories that you want to remove in a debian/clean file, then
> dh_auto_clean will also remove them after doing what it usually does.
> Now making a minimal rules file is not necessarily a high-priority goal,
> but if you want to go that way, you might. Note that if you want to put
> the path to a directory in debian/clean, you need to put a "/" at
> the end - without the slash dh_auto_clean will expect to find a file
> there and will refuse to remove the directory.
> G'luck,
> Peter
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